Bicton Industrial Park Cambridgeshire

Bicton industrial Park is based in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire and has great links to Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Located a few miles off the A14, the industrial estate is within easy reach of both Huntingdon and Kettering. Bicton Industrial Park is home to over fifty different business units with 40 companies currently trading from the site in the Cambs area. There are a variety of different building sizes which are situated on the site. Bicton Industrial Park is home to a wide range of different businesses, from engineering, manufacturing and design companies.

Bicton Industrial Park has manned security, on site estate management and close access to the picturesque town of Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire. Kimbolton is home of Kimbolton Castle and has a post office, shop, cafes and a pharmacy, all within 5 minutes of Bicton Industrial Park.

Like Kimbolton village, Bicton Industrial park in Cambridgeshire has a rich history, beginning its life as an airbase, home of the 379th Bomb Group during WWII. Evidence of the old runway and airbase still exist today at the industrial estate. However the industrial park has grown and developed over the many years to become a stable Cambridgeshire business base, with many businesses creating permanent Cambridgeshire bases here.

Bicton Industrial Park is managed by Simmonds Hobson Ltd. Simmonds Hobson provides a variety of services for the industrial park including upkeep of landscaping and maintenance or roads, drains and water. The estate management team are also keen to promote green policies within the industrial park, including operating a cardboard recycling scheme.

Bicton Industrial Park updates its website regularly, keeping members up to date with all of the goings on of the Cambridgeshire industrial Park. Any units that have become available to lease or buy are also advertised on the website and are available to be viewed directly without the hassle of an estate agent.  All of the units available have close links with Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Access to Bicton Industrial Park from Cambridge

Bicton Industrial Park is within easy reach of Cambridge; follow either the A14 or the A428 to reach Bicton Industrial Park in under an hour.

Access to Bicton Industrial Park from Bedford

Bicton Industrial Park is within half an hour of Bedford. With multiple route options you are bound to find the journey easy. From Bedford it is possible to take the A428 to St. Neots where you will join the A1 heading north. From here you will take the exit signposted for Kimbolton and follow the B645. It is also possible to join the A6 in Bedford and join the B645 from the opposite direction at Higham Ferrers. The B660 will also take you straight from Bedford to Kimbolton.

Access to Bicton Industrial Park from Northampton

The journey from Northampton to Bicton Industrial Park can be made in under an hour. Following the A45 you can join the A14 and exit at junction 18 for the closest exit to Bicton Industrial Park. Alternatively you can follow the A45 to Higham Ferrers before joining the A6 and then the B645 which will take you straight to Kimbolton.